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Diffuse Tensor Imaging & Advanced Imaging Techniques

One of the biggest hurdles brain injury victims have in personal injury and products liability cases is quantifying the degree of injury to the jury. If a jury can’t feel or discern the extent of a person’s injuries, they are less inclined to award damages. We have effectively utilized cutting-edge advanced imaging techniques such and diffuse tensor imaging or DTI in cases involving brain injuries. With this technology, a jury can confirm that an individual has no injury and should not be awarded damages for a significant brain injury or, alternatively, such as in the case of the example provided, that the individual has suffered injuries throughout the brain. When paired with a history of trauma and an absence of some other explanation, this evidence has become the gold standard for confirming brain injuries. You can click on the player to see a 3-D rendering of the brain made by DTI.

Trial Animations

Trial animations can be incredibly impactful if used properly. Sometimes a concept or complex scenario is described, but only a picture can shed light on what really happened. Having the ability to show and explain a client’s position using trial animations is a compelling way to get the point across. Understanding the proper way to create and utilize these tools is just as important as putting together the evidence that supports them. Often times, a creative animation can be the difference in having a successful outcome at trial.

Trial Illustrations

Presenting information that a jury can see and understand is so critical to a good outcome at trial. Whether it's understanding the gravity of a particular injury or ascertaining how an accident sequence occurred, proper illustrations that call the jury, judge or arbitrator's attention to what's important in a way that is impactful is a critical component to our trial teams. Here are some examples of our trial illustrations.

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