Why Deans & Lyons?

We've been there before. We've represented giant, international corporations and the sweet grandmother that lives on the end of your street. Deans & Lyons lawyers have handled cases across a wide range of industries. If we take a case, that means we have the knowledge and skill needed to win.

Every client wants something different. We listen to our clients' needs and goals, and we have the experience and resources to accomplish them. We take a "top down" approach to litigation and analyze each case as if it were going to trial. Even if the case doesn't end up before a judge or a jury, this approach inevitably results in a better resolution for our clients, whether through settlement or otherwise.

Deans & Lyons is one of the premier boutique litigation firms in Texas. Most of our lawyers cut their teeth with large, national law firms, representing clients in "bet the company" or "bet the farm" cases. While we still handle those cases every day, our lawyers have learned that archaic billing practices and overstaffing benefit law firms, not clients. We know how to run a case efficiently and staff appropriately. Not every case is the same — some require more warm bodies than others. We staff to win, not to bill hours.

As a boutique firm, Deans & Lyons has the flexibility other law firms lack. We can (and do) represent businesses and individuals on both sides of the docket. We tailor our fee arrangement with clients appropriately, whether it's an hourly, flat, contingent or hybrid relationship. While we maintain offices in Dallas and Houston, our lawyers regularly appear in courtrooms across not only Texas, but the rest of the country.