Texas Industries Inc. (NYSE: TXI)

Texas Industries Inc. Stockholders Encouraged to Contact Securities Law Firm about Takeover

DALLAS—Securities lawyers at Deans & Lyons announce an investigation of the board of Texas Industries Inc. (NYSE: TXI) in connection with a buyout for 0.7 shares of Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. (MLM) stock per share which is approximately $71.95. Concerned TXI investors are encouraged to contact attorney Hamilton Lindley at 877-819-8033 or hlindley@deanslyons.com about their rights and remedies.

“Since TXI has traded over the approximate deal value at $75.06 and $74.68 on January 24, 2014 and May 17, 2013 respectively,” said securities lawyer Hamilton Lindley, “our potential shareholder lawsuit will seek to ensure that Texas Industries Inc. shareholders receive the highest price reasonably available for their stock.”

Deans & Lyons has significant experience representing shareholders in securities lawsuits nationwide. TXI stockholders – or anyone with knowledge about this situation – should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at hlindley@deanslyons.com or 877-819-8033 with questions or concerns.

TXI Intake Form

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Retention Letter

By this agreement, you agree to retain Deans & Lyons LLP (“D&L” or the “Firm”) to represent you as a named plaintiff (the “Named Plaintiff”) in the class action lawsuit against the officers and directors of the Company for agreeing to the unfair buyout. As a Named Plaintiff, you acknowledge that you owned shares in the Company prior to the recent takeover announcement and that you must maintain ownership in Company at least some shares throughout the litigation.

  1. Deans & Lyons agrees to advance all expenses in the litigation, which means that you are not liable to pay any of the expenses of the lawsuit, whether attorneys’ fees or costs. Such costs and expenses typically include items such as telephone, copying and mailing charges, as well as more substantial items, such as the cost of travel, deposition and trial transcripts, and expert witness and consultant fees. Regardless of the result of this litigation, you will never pay for any attorneys’ fees or costs. Should we obtain a favorable result, we may ask the court to award us compensation to be paid by the Defendants or as a portion of any benefit to the class.
  2. The Named Plaintiff understands and agrees that in the course of this litigation, the Firm may, without further notice to the Named Plaintiff, employ and/or work with other law firms, and that Deans & Lyons may divide any fees we may receive with such other law firms in proportion to the services performed by each firm. The Named Plaintiff agrees to cooperate in the prosecution of the suit including providing documents to verify the Named Plaintiff’s claim and a deposition if necessary.
  3. As the client you are entitled to direct the litigation of this case in any way you deem proper, and may at any time during the course of this litigation order us to dismiss the case if you deem it appropriate. At the Named Plaintiff’s sole discretion, the Plaintiff may also at anytime during the course of this litigation choose to opt out without any prejudice to the Named Plaintiff. Should the Named Plaintiff choose to dismiss the Named Plaintiff’s case or opt-out, the Firm will never ask the Named Plaintiff to reimburse Deans & Lyons for any legal fees or expenses.
  4. This Retention Agreement shall set forth the entire agreement between the parties.


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