Texas Construction Law Attorneys In Dallas And Houston

Disputes in the construction process come in all shapes and sizes. Builders encounter problems with property owners, developers encounter problems with general contractors, contractors encounter problems with vendors...the list goes on.

The lawyers at Deans & Lyons represent owners, builders, contractors, developers, suppliers, and vendors in residential, commercial, and industrial construction disputes. We've obtained millions of dollars for plaintiffs and defense verdicts for defendants. Whether you are a residential landowner or a general contractor with offices across the United States, our lawyers are experienced in all facets of construction litigation, which include the following:

  • Construction defect claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction fraud
  • Defaults
  • Mechanics' liens
  • Warranty claims
  • Payment issues, including:
    • Delay and acceleration damages
    • Delivery of damaged goods and nonconforming goods
    • Nonpayment for goods and services
    • Non-performance

We Are Your Construction Lawyers

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